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More than the white part on the map above the United States, Canada is the second largest country in the world, covering nearly 10 million square kilometers from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and north to the Arctic Ocean. With a population of 35 million spread across a vast variety of landscapes, there are endless facets to this beautiful country. Canada is a significant player in the world of mining and mineral processing, employing 418,000 workers in mineral extraction, smelting, fabrication and manufacturing. The country has made great strides in reducing mining’s environmental impacts. A leading player in mineral processing, Canada offers the international community a unique opportunity to showcase research and technology. Canada’s total investments in research and development activities consistently place it among the world’s top ten R&D spenders.


Saskatchewan's largest city is a four season destination and has gained a reputation as a great place to both live and visit.

A young vibrant and entrepreneurial demographic is energizing the city with exciting new things to see and do. Well supported by a history of know-how and innovation, Saskatoon celebrates throughout the year its rich culture, through a continuous line-up of festivals, events, performing arts, and a fine selection of crafts and fine arts.

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