Organizing Committee

Chuck Edwards  Conference Chair
Donna Beneteau  Technical Program Chair
Rory Duncan  Sponsorship Chair
Robert Carey  Field Trip Chair
Pam Schwann & Janet Uchacz-Hart

 M4S Co-Chairs

Societies Representatives

Alison Donmez & Shayne Rozdilsky
Donna Beneteau
 Underground Mining Society
Zoltan Lukacs
 Surface Mining Society
Andy Lemay & Rhaul Lakhote
 Maintenance Engineering and Reliability Society
Douglas Milne

 Society for Rock Engineering

CIM Contacts Chantal Murphy 

 Conference Coordinator
 514-939-2710, 1309
  Lise Bujold

 Director, Conference and Trade Shows
 514-939-2710, 1308   
  Martin Bell

 Trade Show Manager
 514-939-2710, 1311