Mind your business: The causes, consequences, predictors of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

This interactive workshop will consider the prevalence of mental health issues in the general population and in the workplace. It will also review the effects of poor mental health in terms productivity, costs and most importantly, human suffering. Related to these issues will be a presentation of the strongest predictors of workplace mental health and wellbeing. 

On a practical level, the workshop intends to equip participants with skills to identify mental issues and intervene in a manner that is most helpful and supportive for their colleagues, supervisors and those they supervise/manage. Additional information will be offered on issues relating to absenteeism and presenteeism; especially in terms of preventing their occurrence and in terms of facilitating a successful return to work after an absence. 

The workshop will be framed by current research, clinical observations from the presenter, and best practices.

When: Sunday, October 16, 12pm - 4pm
Cost: $150

The Importance of Lubrication in Asset Reliability

The cost of lubrication typically represents less than 0.5% of a mine’s operating budget, yet it plays a pivotal role of the mine operation’s efficiency, which leads directly to the bottom line profitability. Advancements in technology have helped to extend the service life of oil with the result of improved reliability of equipment, longer equipment life, less maintenance downtime, and reduced disposal costs. In order to achieve the benefits it is important to address the handling and application of the lubricants to maximize their use. Sadly, many do not pay attention to some of the smallest details and they do not capture those benefits. 

This education seminar will introduce many key points of the lubrication of mining equipment that he attendee may bring back to their operation. Implementation of some simple ideas can lead to big savings.

When: Wednesday, October 19, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Cost: $295 by September 30, $395 after September 30