Rules and Regulations

Management Reserves the Right to:

  • approve or prohibit any display which is objectionable (i.e., noise, odor) or degrades the good reputation and/or image of the event.
  • prohibit attraction-seeking ploys or stunts, which are aggressively promotional (theatrical-type shows), intended for use in the booth, halls, corridors or approaches thereof.
  • maintain the events professionalism and high caliber by maintaining the "Good Neighbor Policy" at all times. Loud or obtrusive audio-visuals, presentations or other activities distracting to neighboring booths will not be permitted.
  • insist that exhibits must be in good taste. Degrading side show antics and/or other undignified promotional methods (scantily clad models) will not be permitted.
  • prohibit the use of flashing signs or other lighting effects which cause distracting reflections or interfere with other exhibitors
  • close exhibitors who serve or distribute alcoholic beverages from their booth