M4S Pavilions


What do you need to make that next big discovery? This pavilion will explore the tools, maps, technology, and more that are necessary for successful exploration. Participants will be introduced to modern mineral exploration, prospecting and claim-staking techniques that can make new discoveries a reality.


Imagine operating a mammoth mining vehicle on an actual simulator! Mine development, mineral extraction and mining methods will all be explored at this pavilion. Visitors will learn about the process the mineral takes — from mine to mill and beyond.


What do blowing bubbles have to do with mining? This is where participants will discover how electrical currents, magnets and bubbles help with mineral separation by running a froth flotation device or performing particle separation. The differences between how minerals, metals, oil, diamonds and gems are processed will also be explored.

Products & Fabrication

How does mining help prevent cavities? This pavilion demonstrates how mined minerals are used every day — from toothpaste and computers to bicycles and fine art. Explore how these every-day products are used and ultimately depend on mining for their creation.


From green technologies to community development, visitors are shown how mining supports sustainability. Discover how mining and communities are dependent on each other, and how mine sites can be reclaimed and enhanced for future uses including nature reserves, air strips, racecar tracks, hi-tech scientific research facilities, underground homes, resorts, lakes, and more.


Interested in safety? Become a miner! Participants will gear-up and perform safety tasks with a mine rescue team at this pavilion, and they will learn how to tie a rope, try on safety gear, and discover how safe the mining industry really is. The interactive displays look at historical and state-of-the-art rescue equipment that is used at the mine and in local communities.

Education & Careers

This pavilion will display the various programs offered by universities, trade schools, high schools, and on-line providers, and will include real-life demonstrations of available career opportunities, highlighting the diversity of education requirements.