Rentals & Services

The Decorator Kit is filled with important information and services to assist in your contribution to the show’s success. We advise you review this kit, especially the policies, guidelines and rules.

To further assist you in your planning, please contact Goodkey Show Services (see contact details below) for any services or rental items you require but may not find in this kit.

Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing by submitting your order before September 8, 2017. Goodkey Show Services requires that all orders be prepaid in full; no orders will be processed until full payment has been received. A receipt detailing your reservation will be provided to you after the order and payment is processed. Prompt return of your order forms will ensure effective handling of your requirements.

We look forward to working with you and creating a successful event.

Goodkey Show Services Contact details:

 By Email: or
 By phone:    +1 (780) 426-2211 / +1 (877) 726-2211 Toll Free North America Only
 By fax:   +1 (780) 426-5734 / +1 (888) 426-5734 Toll Free North America Only
or visit their website at

Electrical & Internet Services are provided exclusively through the venue, TCU Place.

To order the Lead Retrieval mobile app, please use this .pdf or order directly online here.

The Exhibitor Manual has the following information:

1. Purchase Order Check List
 10. Move-Out Instructions
2. Show Service Providers  11. Display Guidelines
3. Event Promoter  12. Floor Loading
4. Exhibit Space Fees  13. Accommodations / Lead Retrieval
5. General Term’s & Conditions       14. Registration Info
6. Show Policies  15. Show Regulations
7. Information & Restrictions  16. Management
8. Move-In / Schedule  17. Tourism & Maps
9. Furnishing Supplier